Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Dream Come True

As I am laying in bed in an Atlanta hotel, experiencing the morning after afterglow, I can't help but to feel like I'm dreaming. Every year you hope and dream your team will have a winning season and you'll hopefully end up in a decent bowl game, and maybe, if you're really, really lucky, you get a chance to play for the SEC title. It typically takes a fair amount of luck and things going your way to accomplish this goal. Well, my Tigers made it this year and it had absolutely nothing to do with luck (okay, the hail marry TD was lucky). Our boys have laid their hearts, guts and souls on the line each and every week. They overcame a ridiculous media firestorm, stayed focused and never, ever gave up. It's just not in them to give up OR be over confident. No, my Tigers are fighters. They have had to play against great teams, played against themselves when making mistakes, and they have had to play against the Officials, who seemed to have it out against Auburn. And we triumphed.

The spirit, support and overall belief in this team from the Auburn Family is, well, ALL IN. Unbelievable. I know how it feels being a member of that family and rallying around our guys....I can't IMAGINE what it must feel like as a player.

And Cam, I almost don't have any words for him. Aside from being an athletic freak, he is truly a good and honorable young man. For him to remain focused, humble and spiritual through all of the controversy, proves that he is faithful and God fearing. After not being able to speak out for the past month, when given the opportunity, he simply and tearfully said "When God is with me how can anyone be against me." I was tearful myself....and speechless. He deserves every good thing that is happening to him and this team.

Now, if anyone would like to donate to our 'Send Us To Glendale' fund, please let me know :-) I have it straight from a man of God (our Preacher) that as much as we have invested in this season + the four months of church we've missed, make it count. War Eagle!!! Auburn Family ALL IN and I love my Auburn Tigers :-D

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