Sunday, November 22, 2009


As we were waiting for Jeff to get home from work yesterday, AK & I went outside for a little while and naturally, my camera went too ;c)

When Jeff did get home we loaded up and went to Montgomery for the afternoon. Jeff's mom (E) wanted to go with us to see Santa (see previous post) and I had asked her if she would attempt another family pic for us. It was yucky outside, so we were forced indoors, which turned out great. E, I think we have a winner!!!! You don't get to see until you get your card, but I will leave you with one of AK :c) Thanks so much for suffering through our chaos and was worth it!

Also, thank you even more for allowing Jeff and I to go to dinner by ourselves. I don't remember the last time we've done that :c)


Santa Wish List

We took Anna Kate to see Santa yesterday. We were so proud of her. She marched right up to him, wish list in hand, and showed and described every single item on her list (4 pages). She wanted to be sure he didn't miss a thing, LOL!


Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Mania

Last night was our New Moon Dinner Party and Movie Premiere. We'd been waiting for this night for over six months! We had a wonderful time! Looking forward to June, ladies!!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's beginning to......

look a lot like Christmas! At least in our neighborhood. Every year it seems like the decorations go up earlier and earlier, which if you know me, isn't a problem at all. In fact, I would bypass Halloween altogether and just go straight to Christmas decorations...but, I guess I would look a little nutso to those going by.

So, if I can't decorate my house yet, I'm going to do it here :c)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Card Blahs

Why is it so difficult for me to design a Christmas card for our family, when I can whip them up for everyone else amazingly fast? I don't know either, but I've spent the better part of this week trying to get inspired. I won't show you the card designs, but I will share a couple of the pictures from today's mini shoot with Anna Kate.

You'll have to wait until you get your card to know which ones I used :c)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


With the Holidays approaching, it's time to get in the spirit and I don't mean decorations and gift buying. Have you heard of Compassion? A fellow blogger has inspired me to get involved and our family has recently adopted a child from the Philippines.

Meet Myla Erma, who is 7 years old.

Such a precious child. Myla lives on the plains of Bibincahan, home to approximately 15,200 residents. Typical houses are constructed of bamboo and have thatch roofs. The primary ethnic group is Bicolano.

The regional diet consists of beans, fish, cassava and rice. Common health problems in this area include asthma, tuberculosis and diarrhea. Most adults in Bibincahan work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of $104 per month. This community has electricity and well water but needs scholastic materials and employment opportunities.

Our sponsorship allows the staff of Batit World Child Development Center to provide Myla with Bible studies, sports, health education, art, etiquette classes and tutoring. The center staff will also provide parenting training and Bible studies for the parents or guardians of Myla.

These children are typically fed one meal a day and often don't receive love in their home(s). I just can't imagine. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Myla replied "a toothbrush"....OMG *tears*. All she wants is a toothbrush. We take SO MUCH for granted.

I am looking forward to receiving my sponsorship packet and more information on Myla. I can't wait to take Anna Kate shopping for Myla's first package from us :c) I hope it will really make her understand that she has everything she needs and wants and that so many do not. It will be a humbling experience, I'm sure.

So with that, if you feel prompted or inspired to do so, I hope your family can get involved as well. I encourage you to read Kelly's blog, who is currently in El Salvador visiting the Compassion office and some of the children.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Less than 2 weeks!!!!!

*SQUEAL* I can't believe the time has finally come for the New Moon movie premiere. It seems like I (and my friends) have been waiting for what seems like YEARS! Oh, it's going to be :c)

A friend and I are hosting a dinner party the night of the premiere and watching Twilight before heading to the midnight viewing of New Moon. I think there are 10 of us ladies going to drool, squeal and cry with all the teenage girls....and we don't care!!! I even bought a new outfit just for the occasion. Wearing black and red is a must :c)

OMG....I'm having a really hard time containing my excitement! And no, I don't care what you think. Ha!

I wanted to show you the invitations I made for the dinner party :c)