Saturday, September 19, 2009

Been A Long Time Comin'

It seems like ages since I last updated....maybe because it has been. Sorry about that, but it has been a busy, hectic, and unhealthy few weeks.

After Anna Kate had been directly exposed to the piggy flu for three days last week, she started throwing up Saturday night. I won't get into all the icky details or tell you about how we had to leave the stadium and hitch a ride with a perfect stranger, although a very nice perfect stranger, to get back to our RV before Mt. Anna Kate erupted....but suffice it to say she was one sick little girl. Poor baby threw up for 13 straight hours :c( It turned out to be a stomach flu (she did have a fever) and not swine, thank goodness! Then of course it made it's round through the house. O.M.G. I don't remember when I've been so sick. It was TERRIBLE! It has taken us a full seven days to feel completely human again, although I still can't drink anything other than Powerade.

So here we are, seven days later, trying it all over again. However, I chose to stay here in the RV with Anna Kate while Jeff and our friends went to the game. It's a good thing we did too - the game ended up being delayed for an hour due to severe weather. While I feel bad for 86,000 of my best friends who are braving the storm for our Tigers, I sure am glad to be sitting in my pj's on the sofa ;c) And guess what? No one has puked!!!!!

AK with her AU buddies Allie & Alex
This was last week right after she got sick :c(

This week:
Jeff 'supervising' the canopy construction
Some of our crazy AU buds!
Trying on her 'nacho' (poncho) for size

"Whadya think?"


Sunday, September 6, 2009

War Eagle!!!

It's finally SEC football time again and yesterday was our first game. We have a new coaching staff, so everyone was a little anxious to see if/how much the team has improved...I'm thrilled to announce that we looked 100% better than last year :c)

As most of you know, we have a fifth wheel that we bring to Auburn and leave it here the entire football season. We have all the comforts of home here and we absolutely love spending 8 weekends every fall on the 'plains'. We come up on Friday afternoon after Anna Kate gets out of school and stay through Sunday (although this weekend, we will come home Monday since it is a Holiday).

The weather has been gorgeous and I had such grand plans for pictures this weekend. However, when I got my camera out yesterday I discovered I had forgotten the battery at home on the charger. I wanted to cry. But never fear, my BlackBerry phone was here.....and I give you my crappy BlackBerry photos. *sigh*

Anna Kate & Mama before going to the game
(thanks to Renee' for making our shirts!)

Anna Kate at the game. Can you tell she had a good time!?

And here is our home away from home!

The living area & kitchen

This is the bed & bathroom combo

The throne


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Journal

Anna Kate keeps a daily journal at school, and her teacher sent last month's home yesterday. Jeff and I both were SHOCKED at the 'entries'. Take a look for yourself.

Then I found this random drawing of whom I assume is our family. Note Jeff's 'outfit', which looks to me like a blue bikini :c) LOL!!!!