Friday, January 8, 2010

Completed Projects

I spent three days of my Christmas break painting these for Anna Kate's new playroom. The room is done in black, white, pink and zebra accents.

(All free hand, by the way!)

I will have to take pictures this weekend once I finish THIS PROJECT. Going to do three of them in pink, white & black, and then the room should be complete.

Anna Kate has become a lover of boots this winter. Such the fashion-ista.

- Old Navy Skinny Jeans
- Black fur boots (Wal-Mart)
- Black cross tee (Aunt Stacy)
- Black glamour purse (Target)

Isn't she precious?!

And finally, my friend and co-worker finally got around to exchanging our Christmas gifts. I guess they were more like New Year's gifts. Ha! Anyway, her daughter Kaitlyn (AK's babysitter) gave Anna Kate the best gift. I'm looking forward to spending this cold weekend playing with it :c)