Saturday, May 16, 2009

There's A 2009 Graduate in the House!

Anna Kate is officially a preschool graduate class of 2009 :c) We did video the program, which I promise to upload today. But until then, here are a few pictures from the big day.

*Can you pick out AK's silhouette?*
(fourth from the left)

*They had to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.*
(AK wants to be an Auburn cheerleader)

*The FBC Preschool Graduating Class of 2009*
(AK is bottom right on the end)

*They marched out to Pomp and Circumstance*

*Receiving her diploma*

*We were able to keep the cap and tassel*

*AK & her 'E'*

*E, AK & Aunt D*
*We are so proud of our little graduate!*(Jeff's eyes look funky and I don't know why)

*AK adores this man!!!*(This is our Pastor, Dr. Bush. He & AK have had an amazing bond from the day she was born.)

*AK & her BFF, Anslee*

*AK & her FFL (friend for life), Morgan*

We are so thankful to Elaine & Diane for coming down. Anna Kate was thrilled that you could share her special day! My parents, who live in North Ohio, were unable to make it. Since the graduation and dance recital are 3 weeks apart, AK chose for them to come to the recital. We felt you both in spirit though :c)

And although we cried like babies, it was a wonderful morning full of pride, happiness, love and a little sadness. Our baby is growing up so fast and we are so very proud of her!!!

By the way, you hear the song playing in the background? That was the song played during the slide show of the graduate's baby pictures. *sniff-sniff* ~I can't figure out how to play it on here, but trust'll need a Kleenex~

Check back tonight for the video :c)