Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Anna Kate woke up at 5AM yesterday morning busting at the seams to bring me her card. She came bouncing in the room saying, 'Happy Mother's Day Mommy!' in her sweet, little angelic voice :c) She even signed her own name in her very best handwriting. And after that, well it was pretty quiet and, well, quiet. I was still sick (very), so I was barely functioning. Around lunch we crawled in the bed together and snuggled/slept. Next thing I knew it was nearly 5:00. Jeff prepared a wonderful dinner (I managed a few easy side dishes), then we enjoyed our meal on the back porch. It was lovely. Thank you to Jeff & Anna Kate for trying to make my Mother's Day as special as possible, all things considered :c)

*Chef Jeff*

I walked into Anna Kate's bedroom yesterday afternoon (it was all too quiet in there), and this is what I found...

*Caged Animals*(I guess this was the only way AK could get Bell to snuggle with her)

After I got home from work this afternoon, I actually felt human again, so I had Jeff snap a few Mother-Daughter pics in honor of Mother's Day. I'm happy with them.