Monday, May 4, 2009

Recital notes, costumes, choir and picnic….

Needless to say, we are pretty busy around here. I can tell summer is just around the corner!

Anna Kate's dance recital is coming up soon, and Wednesday they received their two costumes. The instructor requested a parent be present to take notes and try on the costumes. Jeff has 'AK' duty on Wednesday afternoons because he gets off early, which means he takes her to dance. I asked him if he could handle the costume day and he assured me he could. 15 minutes into the class I get a 911 text saying for me to come now and that he was struggling BIG TIME! Following is a copy of the notes he had to take….I'd say he did a pretty good job (although, I did retype them).

Tap: Blue sailor costume with tan tights (not in yet, so you have to get nude pantyhose for pictures next Wednesday) and CLEAN & POLISHED black tap shoes.

Ballet: Gold tutu costume with pink tights and CLEAN pink ballet shoes.
  • Needs to wear foundation (makeup) and RED lipstick for both performances
  • Hair MUST be slicked back & in a bun (no loose strands)
    *Kelly recommends not washing hair, wet & slick back with gobs of gel
  • No nail polish and studs only for earrings
  • No camera's with flashes (we will receive a DVD of the recital)
  • Will receive tickets and program at rehearsal
  • Do not wear recital tights to rehearsals
  • Recital night – bring baby powder for legs to enable easy changing of tights/costumes
  • Pictures in Abbeville (dance studio) May 5th at 4:30
  • You do not have to wear makeup or slicked back hair for pics
  • Come in tan pantyhose & regular leotard, but bring ALL costumes

  • Store tutu on a hanger with the dark gold side UP. This keeps the light gold side (the top when wearing it) poofy

Tap Costume Instructions

  • Tie red satin bow and sew or pin on the front
  • Pin sailor hat on head

Ballet Costume Instructions

  • Make any alterations needed to the straps and/or sleeve caps
  • Sleeve caps should fit on arm (not shoulder) with the sleeve top lining up with the top of the leotard bodice.
  • Sew or pin ric rack around the top of bodice and around to the back
  • Pin the flowers (two safety pins are attached) to the leotard directly below the belly button
  • Tutu fits on hips, not stomach
  • Bobby pin the flower around the bun in hair
I simply cannot believe we paid $100's of dollars for these costumes and yet I have to make the alterations…which have to be done by tomorrow afternoon for pictures!!! *PANIC* Not to mention the fact that Anna Kate's hair is nowhere near long enough to put in a ponytail, much less a bun.

I had her try the costumes on again last night so I could pin where the alterations need to be made. I snapped a quick picture of her in the tap costume, which goes to the song "On the Good Ship [Lollipop]". Please ignore the location of Barkley's nose…. (I don't have an explanation).

Of course the costume is missing the red bow in the front and her tap shoes, but I still think it's precious!

Saturday we attended Jeff's 2nd Annual Regional Picnic for his company. It was H.O.T!!!!! I didn't take my camera, but one of Jeff's employees did take some pictures and sent these two.

And finally, Sunday…

AK woke up with a terrible deep, congested cough. She wasn't running a fever, but with this Swine Flu scare that we're dealing with, I figured it might not be a good idea to take her to church where she would be coughing on everyone. So, we gave her some medicine and just kept an eye on her. She was better by the afternoon, so we decided it would be okay for her to join her choir class at church for the year-end performance. She did great! They all did. Afterwards, she received her completion certificate, followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant……….Wendy's.


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