Friday, May 8, 2009

Antibiotics and Macros

* I know, you're wondering what the heck a macro is, but my fellow photography buffs will get it ;c) *

Unfortunately, I am still sick. I really hope starting this antibiotic I got today will have me back in the saddle by Sunday. Who wants to be sick on Mother's Day?!

When Anna Kate got home from school today she wanted me to play with her. Since I have been sick literally all week, she was feeling sad that I haven't been able to interact as much. So we got out her Play-Doh and made a special treat;

Anna Kate's Cherry/Blueberry/Banana-berry Pie!!! Doesn't it look delish?

Afterwards I dragged myself outside to look at all the flowers starting to bloom with her.

Aren't they beautiful? It won't be long until I can clip all of these and bring them in the house :c)