Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Growth Spurt!!!

Anna Kate had her five year check up with the pediatrician yesterday. Bless her little heart, she started stressing over her shots two days prior, so she obviously wasn't excited about the appointment. Amazingly though, she did great! When she had her finger sounded like a massacre was going on in the room. Holy cow! But what surprised me the most was her height and weight, more specifically her weight. Jeff and I both guessed she was approximately 42" tall, and we were correct, but we figured she weighed somewhere around 35-37 pounds. Imagine the complete shock when the scale read 39 1/2 pounds! Almost FORTY pounds!!!! I can't believe it, but we have finally moved up from the 3%, where she has been since birth, to the 50% - WAY TO GO AK! She is getting sooo big.

And in honor of her growth spurt, we went to Toys-R-Us and purchased a new car seat. She's been in a five point harness seat since birth, but it's only legal up to 40lbs. I let her pick out the one she wanted (with my approval of course), and she is now the proud owner of this big girl seat :D

I was pretty surprised she picked this one instead of the pink, but she swore this is the one she wanted by saying, "Mama, this has pink AND purple, so we both will like it." She knows purple is my favorite color - how sweet is that?!

And then yesterday evening she had her dance pictures. I don't know that I have ever been to a more chaotic event in my life. We had to be at the dance studio at 4:30 with full hair and makeup ready. They took the girls back to get them dressed (we mothers weren't allowed back)...I stressed the entire time that pieces of Anna Kate's two costumes were being slung all over the room, her makeup smearing, her hair coming down, etc. However, after seeing the proofs on the was all worth it!!! They are absolutely precious! I can't wait to get them in my hands. They did two shots in the sailor costume, a group shot of the class in the sailor costume, then we had one of AK and her BFF, Anslee together in their sailor costumes. Then they changed into the ballet costumes and did the same. You just wait until you see them :c) *I will be adding a 'Donate to the AK Dance Pics Fund' button to the top of this blog, cause they made a fortune on us!!!!*

In other news, I'm sick. Fever, body aches, sore throat and a terrible headache. Uggg.....