Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Fun!

We've had a busy, yet fun weekend. My parents are down for the week camping in their motorhome so we spent the past few days relaxing at the lake. You want to know something? I truly think Anna Kate would live in an underwater world of her own if she were able. In fact, while she was swimming this afternoon she said, "You know what mama? I'm going to sleep in here tonight" and here I sit in the comfort of my living room, dry and warm and she is still with my parents camping. Ummmm, surely she's not still in the water... nah, I know she's not...

Anyway, we had such a good time. The weather was gorgeous; sunny with a wonderful, cool breeze and not too hot at all. We played a few games, one I'm not 100% sure what you call it, but to keep from embarrassing my brother and sister in-law in Kentucky, I'll just call it the 'throw the corn bag in the hole' game. Mom & I had the guys beat until Jeff pulled out 6 points with his last two bags. *Huff* Anna Kate was our cheerleader and informed me that she would cheer for me when I did good and not when I didn't. At least she was consistent. LOL.

Although Jeff & I had to come home since we have to return to work tomorrow, Anna Kate has the luxury of staying with her MiMi & Popsy for the week to enjoy camping, swimming, bike riding, swimming, roasting marshmallows, picnics, swimming and, did I mention swimming?! Fortunately, the campground is in our town, so if my parents start to lose their minds, we can rescue them, but I'm pretty confident that won't happen. So without further ado,

This girl LOVES to camp!

She learned to float today!

MiMi warming up her angel girl

My cute hubby!

Popsy enjoying the 'deep south' again!

Someone just woke up from a nap...