Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day!

Sunday was a very nice day for me. Anna Kate and I woke up at the same time and just cuddled while she watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We noticed that daddy wasn't there, but he showed up with breakfast for us a few minutes later. Anna Kate wished me Happy Mother's Day and told me she loved me. I even got a card that she wrote her name on all by herself. So cute! We got ready for church without any major meltdowns and actually had a great morning. She was very well behaved in 'big church'..she really was an angel. Of course, you know 2 hours is as long as she is capable of going without there being a monumental 'something' that causes her to break down in tears. That day, is was the fact that I wouldn't let her go outside to play on the playground in her church dress (we were at Burger King). But, it didn't last long and she was back to being mommy's little angel :-)

This is the flower she planted for me in Sunday School

The afternoon was pretty quiet and I was able to get some things done (like reloading my laptop....grrr!) and then finish editing some photos. Later that evening, we headed over to friends house for dinner. Oh my it was delish!!! Thank you so much Tony. The salad and spaghetti was wonderful, and I have no words for the dessert other than, I WANT MORE!!!

My sweet angel girl!

And now I'm going to backtrack a little - Anna Kate came home from school Friday so excited to give me the gift she made at school. It was precious - a 4x6 scrapbook with her hand print on the front. I can't wait to fill it with pictures of her!

Have I mentioned that my child is a water bug? She LOVES the water. She'll find any excuse to play in it. Well Saturday was the first sprinkler day of the year. We set up 'Mr. Turtle' and she was off!