Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moving On Up!

Anna Kate's preschool had their graduation program on Friday morning. She was sooo excited to share her school, teachers, all her friends and everything she had learned with her MiMi & Popsy Miller, 'E' and Aunt 'D' (and of course mommy and daddy.) The children had been practicing for two weeks on the program and they really did a great job. Granted, the 3-4 year old classes (AK) had to stand on the risers for what seemed like thirty minutes straight singing their little classroom songs, during which time Anna Kate scratched every surface of her body, yawned numerous times, shifted from leg to leg, stared out into the audience in a trance, stared at her feet, adjusted her shoes & socks and at one point we literally thought she was about to fall asleep standing up. After about the third song, she had completely lost interest. It was quite comical. She wasn't alone in her boredom though, trust me. By the end of their 'performance' there were little boys pulling their shorts up as high as they would go, children counting each and every finger on his hands, endless yawning, etc. We were holding our breath for Anna Kate's BIG MOMENT. They sang a song and when it got to a certain part, each child recited their full name into the microphone. This is how it went:

Class Sings: I like friends. I like being a friend to you. Cats go meow. Dogs go bow-wow. Cows go mooo. Who are you?

Child Recites Name: Anna Kathleen Lee

There were approximately 25 children in the two classes, so you can imagine how long this song was. It was precious though. Some children barely whispered their names, some sang it, some screeched it and some SHOUTED it! Anna Kate fell right in the middle. She very politely and gently said, 'Anna Kate Lee' (guess she forgot her middle name is Kathleen.)

After they finished their part of the program they received their 'Moving Up' certificates. It was rolled up like a scribe with a blue ribbon tied around it....just like a little diploma. Each child was called down by their full name to receive their certificate. If the child was a boy, he had to bow, take his diploma and shake the teacher's hand. For a girl, same process except she curtsied instead of bowing. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!

Following the graduation, there was a reception for everyone. The tables were full of food and decorated with graduation themed decorations, complete with two graduate cakes (one boy & one girl). The children were so proud of themselves and you could see the sheer joy and utter relief on the teacher's faces. LOL.

Although Anna Kate didn't actually graduate from preschool Friday, I was still full of mixed emotions. Going through her decorated bag of items they made on their first day of school and comparing it to things she had brought home throughout the year and the recent's amazing how much she has grown. I looked at the picture of her on her little 'name plate' for her cubby and she still looked like my little toddler with her chubby cheeks. Now, she looks like a little girl (but with the same chubby cheeks.) My how she's grown. Our tiny little baby has grown into a beautiful little girl and our hope and prayer is that she continues to grow into a beautiful, spiritual and faithful young woman. We're so proud of you Anna Kate!

This is Anna Kate's class before the program. We were missing 4 girls and 2 boy.

'Jesus Loves the Little Children'
(in costume are the graduates representing their future careers)

'Jesus Loves Me' in song & sign language

Anna Kate's big moment (with the microphone)

Anna Kate receiving her Moving Up certificate