Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mommy-Daughter Day

A few weeks ago I posted about Jeff & Anna Kate's Daddy-Daughter Day. They went fishing together on the boat all by themselves (without my supervision.) Well yesterday I decided Anna Kate and I needed our own Mommy-Daughter Day. After her nap we went to the nail salon and had a manicure and pedicure together. It was so much fun! I was surprised at how patient Anna Kate was. When I do her nails she is a total wiggle worm and is hard pressed to let them dry completely. Of course, since it wasn't mommy doing it this time, she was a perfect little lady :) Red polish with silver glitter was her polish choice and mine was nice pink. We soaked our feet in the pedicure spa bath, got a lotion leg & arm massage, had our toe and fingernails filed and painted and then Anna Kate finished up with a hand painted daisy on each of her big toes. This little girl is so proud of her toes! She has shown everyone she has seen. I predict we make many trips back to the nail salon as mommy and daughter :)

Claiming her spot in the pedicure massage chair.

Getting her fingernails painted.

Mommy & Daughter

The princess' hand painted daisies...

I wanted to add these other pictures of Anna Kate camping with my parents last week. Mom is sending me her pics so I will be adding those as they come in.

Posing before she roasts marshmallows

Roasting her very first marshmallow with 'Popsy'

Anyone who knows our family knows that pizza is a staple food no matter where we are!

I'm not sure what they're playing here.

And I'm not sure what Popsy is telling Anna Kate, but she's totally buying it.

Anna Kate cheering as we play the 'throw-the-corn bag-in-the-whole' game. Jeff is 'supervising'...

Looking SO CUTE as she cheers on mommy!

MiMi & Popsy playing the 'T-T-CB-I-T-W' game.

Jeff holding the pole up???