Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year the Pastor and his wife have an Easter egg hunt at their house for the children, ages 1-5. This was our first year, and what a treat it was! The lawn and flower beds were sprinkled with eggs. Some were plastic and filled with candy and the others were hard boiled, dyed eggs. The children were so anxious to gather as many eggs as they could, but first we wanted to get a group picture. That, of course, was a challenge, but I think we ended up with some good ones. Then it was time! Anna Kate filled her basket pretty quickly and began complaining it was too heavy, so I ended up carrying it while she filled it even more. Jeff & I alternated taking pictures and videoing (I'll try to upload the video before I go to bed.) I think we both were surprised at how civil the 'hunt' went. We were expecting a little pushing here and there, but that did not happen. In fact, there wasn't a single meltdown, temper tantrum or 'scrap' :-)

Once we determined that it was a clean sweep, it was time for our picnic and play time. There was a table full of spring colored, Easter themed goodies for everyone to enjoy. It was so nice to sit down with other families and chat. It was even better when the children went off to play in the beautiful back yard and on the swing set/slide and play house. That's when we mothers gathered on the blankets, the men settled into a corner off the patio and we just enjoyed fellowshipping. It was a really nice afternoon! Thank you Dr. Bush & Miss Joyce!!

Enjoy viewing the pictures...

*This one has nothing to do with egg hunt and it's technically not correct, but I couldn't pass up a shot of this. Anna Kate pushing her 'baby sister' in the doll stroller...*