Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cabin Fever **Edited**

This has been a week full of sickness....for Anna Kate, that is. She came home from school early on Tuesday with a 102.3 fever. She had been complaining for a few days that her throat, head, basically her entire body hurt, but according to our digital thermometer, she didn't have a fever. She was tested for the flu and strep, both of which came back negative. However, they did send the throat culture off to be sure it wasn't a false negative. She's had a fever ranging from 100-103.2* for the past three days and is working of day four. Poor girl has pretty much been laying around watching TV, covered up with her blanket and cuddling Belle. I'm hoping we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though.

Work has been great about it. I had a board meeting out of town Wednesday, so Jeff was able to stay home with her. Today (Thursday) I worked from home and tomorrow I will take Anna Kate with me to the office. Friday is my short day anyway (off at 2:00) and I'll be there by myself, so I can just close the door to my office and let her color, watch a DVD, whatever. That is, if she's not burning up with fever again. I just can't send her back to school until she's been completely fever-free for a full 24 hours.

My parents are coming for a quick visit late tomorrow afternoon for the night. We are looking forward to seeing them and I know they can't wait to see Anna Kate. She is expecting a bag full of 'prizes' ;-)

And to end the post, here are a couple pictures of Anna Kate snuggling with Belle today. You can take one look at her and tell she feels terrible. Poor baby.

**Well, as we woke up this morning I was hoping to be over the sickness. Unfortunately Anna Kate woke up with pink eye. *SIGH* So we're stuck in the house for another day....**