Tuesday, March 11, 2008


That's what Anna Kate was in yesterday. We got home from school and found out that her monkey was moved from the green tree to the yellow tree and she received a yellow 'Y' on her behavior report.........NOT GOOD. It seems as though while the children were lining up to go outside Anna Kate walked by a fellow classmate and spit in her face. SPIT IN HER FACE! *SPIT IN HER FACE!!* We are still shocked. Obviously we had a conversation with Anna Kate about it and still don't know exactly what happened, but feel relatively sure she was provoked. It's just not in AK's character to do something like that. She can push you or test the waters, so to speak, but she isn't overly aggressive like that. Still, that behavior is never acceptable, so her TV privileges were taken away for the entire night. Oh my, that caused some m a j o r discontent in our house. Phew! I think she got the point though. I explained that if someone is being mean to her that she needs to tell her teacher or any other adult that is close by - it is not okay to hit, spit, poke, bite, kick, etc. someone. I told her that we expect her to apologize to the little girl and her teacher today. Man, I wasn't prepared at all for that...

In other news, Anna Kate is feeling somewhat better, however she's still not 100%. She has been very sleepy and irritable. The cultures on her strep and urine tests did come back negative, so it was obviously the nasty fever virus going around and it looks like one viral thing has turned into another. We're pushing lots of liquids and vitamins in her hoping she'll be on the mend soon.

Maybe if she was good at school today, and is allowed to go outside and play when we get home, I may have a few new pictures for you tonight. Check back!


Melissa March 14, 2008 at 5:03 PM  

Sounds like a little girl wasn't feeling good and was acting out of character as a result. Poor thing, if I'm not up to par, I feel like spitting in people's faces, too! haha!

Anyway, hope she's feeling better & hasn't had any more issues this week. :)