Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

Is it Monday already? It doesn't feel like I slept this weekend because I'm so exhausted. I have a headache and a 'crick' in my neck. (I think that's from the position I was in during my 2-hour nap after church yesterday on the sofa.) Well maybe I did sleep a little......

We had a good weekend. The weather was gorgeous here - 72* and sunny, so we took advantage of it. We cleaned up the yard (well, Jeff & AK did while I had a photo shoot) and then grilled out for dinner. Sunday was church, nap and playing outside.

Belle is really starting to settle in. She's becoming a lot more comfortable with Anna Kate and Anna Kate is finally learning to be gentle with Belle (instead of her getting in her face and talking in this high-pitched-only-a-dog-can-hear voice, which sends Belle straight under the sofa.) She's eating & drinking well, playing, learning her new routine for 'potty time' and sleeping snuggled up in her bed next to our bed. Yesterday morning we couldn't get her in the kitchen before we left for church, when we got home she was propped up on a pile of sofa pillows on the sofa. For the record, she only weighs 4 lbs 1/2 oz and is about 8" how did she get up on the sofa and how did she maneuver the pillows like that? Crazy dog! She was playing W.I.L.D this morning. It's been so long since I've experienced the whole puppy playing thing, that she cracks me up! Anyway, she really has helped to ease the pain of losing Dixie. We are beginning to look back on all the years we were blessed with Dixie and laugh at some of the memories. Anna Kate still slips up occasionally and calls Belle Dixie or Dix-Dix, but we don't correct her. She needs to time adjust to Dixie not being here too.

And before I end, I have to share some of Anna Kate's 'funnies' from the weekend.

1) We were outside yesterday swinging and we heard/saw something fall from one of the tall pine trees. Jeff and I knew that it was a pine cone a squirrel had knocked down, but Anna Kate, in an effort to ensure her mama and daddy weren't afraid said, 'It's okay, it was just a bird pecker.' I think she meant a wood pecker.

2) As were all four piled up in the bed playing one morning Anna Kate spotted the freckles on little Belle's tummy. She said, 'Hey! Why does she have so many pretzels on her tummy?' Silly girl, she always keeps us laughing :-D