Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Proud Parent Brag

I received this message from Anna Kate's swim instructor this morning.

"I do think she would benefit from more lessons. She can swim 1/2 the width of the pool in one breath. I had her swim in deeper water yesterday, but she is not comfortable on her back yet, and she does not want to jump completely unassisted. She is way ahead of most kids' progress after just two lessons. She listens very well and is able to process instruction quickly. If you would like more lessons, I would work toward teaching her to get a breath on her own, jumping and beginning diving and independent back floating and adding a simple stroke on the back since the next level would be rolling on the back for a breath....making long distances possible in the water. I typically teach 1) quick lift of the head for breath 2) rolling from front to back for breath 3) side breathing when rolling is mastered. Call me and let me know if and when you would like for me to work with her again."

Just look at my master swimmer :c)


(Thanks to my brother Jay for the underwater pics)

I have another post to put up from when my brother and his family visited over the weekend, but it will have to wait until tonight when I can edit the pictures. Ya'll come back now, ya hear!!