Monday, April 28, 2008

Wishing I Was At The Beach!!!!!

It has been a rough weekend. Anna Kate has been really, really difficult to handle the past 3 days. Oh the constant whining, fake crying, begging, pleading, more whining, countless time outs and even more whining. I know it's because she doesn't feel well (sinus infection and bronchitis) but gees Louise! She got so bad Jeff had to take her to the car during church Sunday. And just when we had finished a wonderful Sunday school lesson on blessing your child(ren) with praise, encouragement, kind and undivided attention she goes and acts like a demon in the Lord's house...I so wanted to walk up front, hand her to our SS teacher and whisper in her ear, 'Here! YOU bless this child!!!!'....LOL.

She stayed home from school today and believe it or not, she was very well behaved. I think she learned a hard lesson yesterday afternoon when she sat in time out for the umpteenth time and still didn't get what she wanted. I soooo wish I was at the beach...

I did take her to the office with me this afternoon. I HAD to get some work done (there is only so much I can do from home). She was good. She pretended to work in her own office with her 'puter' (calculator), sticky notes, self inking stamp and a note pad. Oh, and she pranced around with a pencil stuck behind her ear :-) It was darling. Her new best buddy, Miss Marcia, gave her this enormous lollipop from Disney World that she just couldn't wait to open, although I did make her wait until we got home so I could bust out my third eye. (See pics below). THANK YOU MISS MARCIA!

Alas, we just couldn't make it through a twenty four hour period without a total meltdown. The weather was beautiful today, so we decided to grill out for dinner. We asked Anna Kate if she preferred a hot dog or hamburger, to which she replied, 'a hamburger like my daddy.' So, a hamburger she gets. OH-MY-HEAVENS!!! When it was placed in front of her at the table you would have thought it was a live squid. She freaked out - refusing to eat it - screaming how she didn't like it - begged for a snack - you get the picture. I hated to do it, but she ended up going to bed hungry. It wasn't like we forced her to eat it. After all, she requested a hamburger.

Things did take a turn for the better when it was bath time. After her bath, she and I cuddled in the bed and watched her favorite show, 'John & Kate + 8' and then she was sound asleep :-) I really hope she starts to feel better soon...for her sake and mine!!!

This is her this afternoon enjoying her lollipop.