Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Over The Hill...

That would be my dear husband!!! Bless his heart, he's having such a difficult day. He woke up to a card with 'OLD MAN' written on the envelope and then he got to work and his office looks like this

He has received numerous gag gifts, including a black balloon bouquet and Oreo cookies from AK & I. He's even been covered in silly string this morning.

The Sheriff showed up at one point with a warrant for his arrest for being 'Over The Hill'.

I have to say though, he really has been a good sport about it all.
So dear, you may be 40 and to some, that's old, but you are not old. You are well on your way to another wonderful, fun, happy and healthy 40 more years of life in a house full of girls (and one boy) ;) We all love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The birthday boy and his birthday present - 'Sir Charles Barkley', an 8 month old Italian Greyhound.

**Edited to add the link to PARTY PICS**


jae April 8, 2008 at 4:36 PM  

ha ha looks like fun