Friday, October 8, 2010

Smarty Pants

We had our first Parent/Teacher conference yesterday afternoon (this is a requirement to receive the first report card.) We knew Anna Kate's grades were good, but her conduct; well, we were a bit concerned. You see, Anna Kate likes to talk, and when I say 'likes', it's more like MUST talk. I think it is physically and mentally impossible for her to keep that precious little mouth of hers shut. Seriously. Imagine our surprise and utter relief when she handed us the report card and there was no conduct grade. Phew!



The teacher praised Anna Kate over and over again, saying that she is definitely in her top group of students and is a great reader (music to my ears). She is in AR (accelerated reading) again and loves the testing that goes with it. She also scored a 100 on the big unit test, which covers all subjects over the past nine weeks. Yay AK!!!! We are so proud of you and keep up the good work!! :c)

And for a reward, daddy is taking her to the Alabama National Fair in Montgomery tomorrow. I really do hate that I'm going to miss her first state fair experience (I have nothing but fond memories of my brother & I going when we were West Virginia though.) Instead, I will be on the beach relaxing with my great friend, a book and my iTouch. Jeff - you just take lots of pictures! LOL

This is our smarty pants this morning before school