Saturday, June 6, 2009

Prima Ballerina

Congratulations Anna Kate!!!

Today was the big day...Anna Kate's dance recital. She did SO good. Anna Kate is a definite performer. For the past nine months she has just gone through the motions during class/practice. In fact, Jeff & I have both thought to ourselves (and sometimes out loud), "why are we paying $40 a month for this? She acts like she's bored to death." However, she proved us wrong tonight...she is one of those children who can learn something, retain it and perform it flawlessly like she has been doing it for years. It's amazing.

As I said last night, flash photography was FORBIDDEN during the recital, so I didn't get the first picture of her performing. Shoot, I couldn't have even if I were permitted to; I spent the entire time back stage changing costumes, keeping the girls quiet and getting them lined up and ready to go on stage. *huff*

These are before we left the house:

Tap Costume Studio Pics:

*AK & her BFF, Anslee*

Ballet Costume Studio Pictures:

After Recital Pictures:
(keep in mind I couldn't use my flash, which resulted in me bumping my ISO up to 1600 = grainy pics)

*Kaitlyn & AK*

*Anslee, Kaitlyn & AK*

Anna Kate was so lucky and blessed to have her MiMi & Popsy Miller come all the way from North Ohio and 'E' and Aunt 'D' come from Montgomery, to see her big debut. We can't thank ya'll enough for making this day extra special for all of us. THANK YOU!!!

*AK & her 'E'*

*'E', Aunt 'D' & AK*
*MiMi, Popsy & AK*

Anna Kate, we are so very proud of you. You danced like an angel and looked like a princess!