Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My good friend warned me of this phase, but I didn't believe her when she told me. She also left out the drama that goes along with this phase. Let me explain...

Anna Kate has now decided that she needs to pick out her own clothes each day. So much in fact that every.single.morning is a battle with her. (I've been told I pick out boring and ugly outfits for her to wear - how dare I - really!)

Monday wasn't an issue because she stayed home with her daddy. That was, until they decided to bring lunch to my office and then go to the grocery store. She looked like an orphan wearing brown polka dot pants that were 2" too short, with a lime green t-shirt with her preschool name on it in primary colors, flip flops that were 2 sizes too small and her hair looked like a string mop. I PRAY they didn't see anyone we know!!!

Tuesday morning, now that was a major production; I picked out a cute outfit that had pink on it (her #1 complaint - it must have pink). O.M.G! Now way was she wearing it. She had a complete meltdown. We had 10 minutes until it was time to leave, so she had two choices; wear just her panties or wear the outfit. She chose the outfit, but screamed the entire trip to the sitter's. "Mama, Mrs. Bridget won't think I'm purty!" "Mama, I don't want JUST flowers on the shirt!" "Mama, there's not enough pink on it!" get the picture. I sent a quick text message to the sitter asking her to please tell her how much she loved AK's outfit when we got there.

I had a baby shower to go to last night, and when I got home Anna Kate was asleep. I woke her up to move her to her bed, when she was quick to point out that she had picked out her clothes for the next day (today). Pink gym shorts w/ black & white stripe on the sides with a pink & white Auburn University jersey. That wasn't too bad, so I left it out. This morning she wakes up and all the sudden doesn't want to wear it because it's 'ugly'. *Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* After a 5 minute argument (I know, I let it go on too long) she let me pick something. Wrong again. So I let her pick out something but told her it MUST match. She comes in my bathroom wearing kelly green capri sweats with a dusty blue t-shirt. *Sigh* When I pointed out that it didn't match she fell to the floor and screamed/cried, "But mama, Mrs. Bridget said it didn't have to match." Fine.

So here you go Mrs. Bridget! Thanks a lot :c)
Seriously, does AK really and truly think that looks good? So if anyone we know sees our daughter, PLEASE know she dressed herself....


Deedee,  June 18, 2009 at 9:29 AM  

Bless your heart. I feel your pain. Remind me to tell you about the time I accidentally picked out a pajama shirt to go with real shorts. Major melt down.