Monday, June 1, 2009

Bedroom Projects

Ug, it's Monday....

I worked on a few projects this weekend, and of course they were all for Anna Kate's bedroom :c) I just love her room - it's my favorite room in the entire house. I had a series of photos that I wanted to print and put in there, but I didn't want to add more 4x6 picture frames to the room, so I came up with this.

And the best part is that I did it all for a grand total of $0.00! That's right, FREE art :c) I had an 11x14 frame that had a mat for an 8x10 photo. I printed the above out on my photo printer and then I painted the mat pink with acrylic paint. The frame was a dark mahogany, which wouldn't work, so I spray painted it white. The end result?

Don't you just love it??? Seriously, it looks like a custom job by a professional ;c)

I also designed and printed this out, but haven't yet finished the mat & frame, which will match the one above.

Anna Kate is growing up so fast, and she's beginning to rebel against some of the things I've had in her room since she was born. This is my effort to change some things out without changing the theme/color scheme.