Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Snow Storm of 2009

And it's not in South Alabama, I can assure you. However, as of right now, my parents have over 18" of snow, with 2" of ice expected tonight. It's just not fair. I remember growing up in West Virginia and having an occasional heavy snow to play in on the weekends. My brother Jay and I would get on the sled and make numerous trips up and down our grandmother's yard. It was a steep hill, and once, *sorry Jay*, my brother peed his pants in his snowsuit because he couldn't make it back up the hill, shed all the snow gear and get to the bathroom in time. I joke that at least he was warm for a few seconds ;c)

Anyway, seeing these pics my mom sent reminded me of my childhood, and that makes me want SNOW! Rich Thomas stated on last night's weather report that there is a very small (next to nil) chance of winter precipitation next week. I am not holding my breath though....