Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I had my hair cut this afternoon and while I was there I had my eyebrows waxed - they were in bad shape (a close resemblance to caterpillars). As I was laying there having my hair ripped out I couldn't help but laugh out loud. You see, many years ago my best friend Kim came to visit me during our winter break from college. She decided she wanted to wax her upper lip. We made a trip to Rite Aid and purchased one of those heat-the-wax-in-the-microwave waxing kits and got started. I covered her top lip in wax, but instead of ripping it off, Kim chickened out. She couldn't bare the thought of ripping hot wax along with tender facial hair off her skin. You all know what happened next, right? The wax completely cooled and hardened. We ended up having to cut it off. My oh my, the things we girls get ourselves into.... *Sorry Kim, but I just had to share this story ;)

When I got home with my new 'do' Anna Kate was so excited to show me her present that came in the mail from my parents. It's the cutest little happy face pillow with her name embroidered on it and attached to it, was a greeting card that played 'So Happy When We're Together'. While AK and I were preparing dinner she was standing there with the card open listening to it play the song over and over again. All of the sudden, she looked up at me and starting crying. I asked her what was wrong (but I already knew) and she said she wanted her MiMi. My parents left Alabama today for Ohio (they are moving there) and although I didn't tell AK that, I think she somehow sensed that they are gone. By gone I mean, no longer accessible. Not without an 11 hour drive, anyway. My heart was breaking for her and I honestly didn't know what to say to her. So instead of saying anything, I silently cried with her. Once she calmed down a little I explained that her MiMi and Pops would be getting on an airplane and flying down to spend Christmas with her. After I confirmed that they would indeed bring her gifts with them, she was fine. Bless her little heart...

Mom & Dad, I hope you arrived at your stopping point tonight safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow! Love you :-)


As Time Goes By...Our Family Blog August 6, 2008 at 10:11 AM  

That certainly brings back fond memories, thanks. I quickly came to terms with the fact that a dark-haired girl such as myself was just going to have to get over it. My eyes barely water anymore, aren't you proud? OHIO??? What took MiMi and Pops back there? Love, Kim