Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beach Day #5, Part I

Sun, glorious sun!!!! No rain and just a nice ocean breeze today - hallelujah! We went to the beach this morning and had a really good time. Anna Kate enjoyed burying her daddy's feet in the sand and then asked us to do the same to her. After that she wanted to go to the pool. She is really turning into a little water bug. She loves swimming and is getting so brave, almost too brave for my liking.

Jumping off the side of the pool

We were having so much fun we decided to stay an extra night. With all the rain and storms, we feel as though we were cheated the first three days of vacation and we want to take advantage of the next three days :c)

Anna Kate rode her bike to and from the pool today and did so well. Look at her go!

I think we are going to attempt our family portrait tonight. I have something special in mind, but the sunset has to be just right, so it all depends on if we can get our act together and down to the beach at the perfect time. Stay tuned.....