Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Morning Beautiful Beach!!!

We made it and it is glorious! I won't lie, it was a rough afternoon yesterday, mostly because Anna Kate was tired, excited and ill all at the same time. Not to mention two dogs that have never been on a road trip before. It was a little hectic for a while, however today is a new day :c)

We hit the pool at 8:30 this morning. Anna Kate just couldn't wait another second, and yes, before you ask, I did ride my bike without an accident. She jumped right in and started swimming...literally. Well, she did have her swimmies on, but she knew how to kick her legs behind her and move her arms to get her around. She swam all over the pool. In fact, she swam herself to sleep. She is napping now.

We had a brief rain shower this morning and provided it remains clear, we are headed to the beach when she wakes up. We will probably hop on the tram down and back and save the bike ride down for tomorrow when we go down with all of our gear.

Little Miss Belle LOVES this camping stuff. She walks on a leash perfectly and just loves being outdoors. Only one problem, she weighs 4.5 pounds and thinks she can take on any dog she matter the size. Barkley on the other hand, well he's not so sure. He is a little skittish and jumpy. While out for a walk this morning we came across two other IGGYs (Italian Greyhound), although they were smaller than Barkley. In fact, they came from the very same breeder in Missouri. All in all, the dogs are settling in.

Before I close for the afternoon, I HAVE to share this AK story and if she were awake she would be so mad at me for posting it, but I can't help it... While at the pool she had to use the bathroom, so I took her to ladies room. She had just gotten out of the pool and was wet, but before I could tell her to be careful....SPLASH! she fell in the toilet. OMG! I have never laughed so hard in my life. Her little legs were over her head and if it weren't for the swimmies still on her arms, she would have gone all the way in. I helped her up all the while laughing. Oh she was angry. She screamed at me three or four times to 'stop laughing at me!!!' but I couldn't help it. I finally had to step outside of the bathroom so she would stop screaming at me. I know should not have laughed at her, but oh my, it was too stinkin' funny!!!! If you could have seen her...

So with that, I will leave you with a few pictures (no, I don't have one of the toilet incident, but I wish I did.)

Playing shuffle board while waiting for the pool to open
Anna Kate cheated, lol!
The Little Mermaid
The Crew: Daddy, Anna Kate, Barkley & Belle (with the black head)


As Time Goes By...Our Family Blog August 11, 2008 at 4:12 PM  

That is HILARIOUS Katie! (Ella now hold onto my hands while she potties because of a similar incident at the movie theater)It looks like you guys are already having a blast. Enjoy the rest of your time there! Send lots of pictures...I love them! Love, Kim