Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taking one for the team...

I was out of town on business four days last week and then came back to a very hectic office. I was stressed to say the least. Anna Kate was being especially difficult, my nerves were shot and Mt. Katie was sure to erupt! Thank goodness Jeff picked up on all of that (he would have to be blind and deaf not to) and pretty much took AK off my hands for the weekend. I was able to get the laundry done and pick up the house (isn't that relaxing??). I even made a trip to Wal-Mart by myself! This afternoon Jeff took Anna Kate fishing. They were planning to use 'croockits' (crickets), but couldn't find any, so they used worms instead....Katie does not do worms, croockets or artificial bait. I feel sorry for the fish anyway and Anna Kate calls me a scaredy cat...

Here she is with her very first fish. She refused to hold it or the fishing line. Her expression is priceless!! I feel your pain baby...
She caught one more fish and then she just wanted to ride on the boat. But first, a girl has to quench her thirst.

Silly girl!

We have a family wedding to attend this weekend in Gulf Shores and then the following week we head to our favorite vacation spot.....Destin, Florida for a week. Oh, I can't wait. No work, no stress, no problems. Just cool sand in my toes, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, the hopefully refreshing ocean water (please no jelly fish this year!) and that wonderful breeze felt only on the ocean. *Heavy Sigh*

And I'll close with this cute photo.


Melissa July 28, 2008 at 1:20 PM  

The jellyfish were TERRIBLE when we went to Destin at the first of July. Maybe they've made their rounds & are gone by now! Enjoy your trip!!