Saturday, July 19, 2008

On The Road Again

Anna Kate and I are headed north tomorrow. I have a meeting in Muscle Shoals Monday and Tuesday, which is a five and a half hour drive from here. So, we're going to drive up to my parents' house after church and spend the night so I won't have to get up at the crack of dawn Monday morning. I'll only have to drive two and a half hours compared to five this way. Anna Kate will stay with them while I'm at the meeting and then I'll pick her up afterwards and head back home. I absolutely dread the drive (Anna Kate and I don't do long trips together very well. she doesn't understand why I can't use my bionic arm to reach behind my own seat and over to the door to reach her sippy cup while driving, turning the music up because she can't hear it and fixing her pillow *insert rolling eyes*) but we'll make it. I am trying my best to time it just in time for her nap so we'll see.

I do know that her MiMi and Popsy Miller are so excited to see her (me too, I suppose). MiMi called today and asked to speak to AK. I had to snicker to myself at AK walking around in her ballet leotard, hand on her hip, phone to the ear and her talking up a storm about all they are going to do. Anna Kate says she is staying six days, but I know my child and three nights is her max before she has to have a 'mama fix' ;-) Even so, I know they will have a great time. And mom, I was sure to pack cute outfits so you can show her off.

**Happy Dance** I get to stay in a hotel!!!! I won't know what to do with a night alone. I plan to take my camera gear (there is a jazz festival in town) so I have no doubt that will keep me busy. Rest assured, "will I have wifi in my room?" was the first question I asked the hotel assistant, so I will be able to share. God love modern technology!!

Before I close, you know I have to leave you with a picture of the Princess.