Friday, July 4, 2008

Breakfast, Babies & Fireworks

I woke up to Jeff cooking breakfast for me - sausage, eggs and biscuits. It smelled soooo good. While he cooked Anna Kate and I played with her babies in her playroom. We dressed them all (why must all the babies be naked?), fed them and then put them all to sleep in their own beds. After that we sat down to eat and then Jeff clean up the kitchen (I know!!). The rest of the day was laid back and relaxing, which we all needed. Anna Kate and I took a nap so that we could stay up late for the fireworks. That was wonderful!

Tonight we went out to the state park with some friends to watch the fireworks. The weather was perfect; 83* and breezy. It felt great! We parked in the big grassy field instead of the parking lot so that the kids were able to play. It wasn't long before others discovered our secret, and we had to rope the kids in. The fireworks were good. Not Disney World by any stretch of the imagination, but the kids enjoyed them. And now, everyone is in bed sleeping (I'll be following them as soon as I finish this up.)

We have two groups of friends and their children coming over tomorrow afternoon for ribs. I'm looking forward to it. We're grilling ribs and corn on the cob (that I will turn into a creamy corn relish (it's a new recipe, which I will post if it turns out good), potato salad, baked beans and texas toast bread. For dessert I'm making a Key Lime Cream Cheese Bars that are heaven on earth. My mouth is watering already...

And to my dad, who has been really sick with a stomach bug, I hope you feel better!

So until tomorrow night, I will leave you with a few pictures from the day/night.

All the babies in their respective beds.

Anna Kate taking pictures of her babies.

People had little firecrackers every where. Anna Kate said they were loud.

Jeff & Duane

Anna Kate & Jada waiting for the fireworks

And here they are!! (I had my shutter speed set too low.)