Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two Left Feet...

What happened to me this week? Good question. For some reason I just couldn't get my act together enough to sit down and edit the pics and come up with something half way interesting to say. But I made myself do it today.

We had a good week, for the most part. Father's Day was rather interesting. Anna Kate was starting to come down with something but she managed to get through Sunday school just fine. I could tell when I went to get her though that she was beginning her meltdown phase. We decided to attempt church anyway since it was Father's Day. WHAT-A-MISTAKE...ten minutes later I was taking her out for misbehaving and being disruptive. She was so sleepy, but refused to give in. I finally got her settled down enough to go back inside with ten minutes left in the service. *Sigh* At least Jeff was able to hold his daughter at some point in the service.

Let me preface this next part by saying that I give you full permission to laugh at my 'experience'. Jeff was going to carry Anna Kate to the car and I was to carry all of our belongings (Anna Kate's backpack full of crayons, coloring books, activity books and quiet toys - (you know, because we were fully anticipating her keeping herself quiet and occupied with these things...NOT!) my purse, two bibles and two Sunday school study guides.) We chatted with a few friends on our way out of the front doors and then I hit the first or the ten concrete steps and bit the dust. Oh my! I don't even know how it happened. All I know is I felt myself falling and I couldn't do anything about it. My butt hit the first three steps and then somehow I flipped over to my stomach and landed at the bottom face first. Major scene! I tried to get up but both of my ankles hurt really bad. Finally Jeff went to get the car after I very firmly asked him (through clenched teeth) to please go get the car. People were insisting they call an ambulance or that I go to the ER on my own. Um, I would have to be on my death bed to go to that place. It's just not happening. Jeff and two others assisted me to the car, while another lady carried all of our crap. The second our doors shut and we were out of sight my loving husband says to me, "You know, if you were trying to humor me on father's day I can think of a better way than falling out of church on your face." We both immediately busted out with hysterical laughter (me with some tears of course, because I really was hurting.)

Needless to say, I was pretty much incapacitated for a few hours after church. We couldn't go out for Father's Day lunch and poor Jeff had to rush around the den picking up just in case someone popped in to check on me (our church family is so great with things like that.)

I did manage to get up and cook him dinner though (his favorite, taco salad.) And although I am really sore, I didn't break anything. I have a bad bruise and knot on my left shin and I do think I strained a muscle in my thigh. I'm very lucky I didn't really get hurt. It was a pretty bad fall. People were shocked I hadn't broken anything. So ya'll be sure to say a little prayer for me that I don't have a repeat 'performance' tomorrow...

Anna Kate did in fact come down with something - a sinus infection. She was also covered in mosquito bites from a brief trip outside without bug repellent. She is unbelievably sensitive to insect bites. They get the size of a nickel, get red and hard as a rock. She scratches constantly. So much that it turns into a frenzy and she completely falls apart. I can't get frustrated with her though, because I am the exact same way. I took her to the Pediatrician Wednesday morning, where they diagnosed the sinus infection and then said the insect bites looked infected, so they gave her ten days of Augmentin and a three day steroid. My poor baby just does not do 'sick' very well at all. She is so active and literally bouncing off the walls that when she's sick, she gets immensely frustrated that she can't keep going. Bless her little heart, she just wants to play and stay awake without missing a beat.

Here are a few random pictures just to make you smile :-)

Anna Kate helped to make an Oreo cream pie (she also enjoyed licking the beaters.)

Jeff and his son on Father's Day. Anna Kate was napping since she was sick and I had to use the zoom lens from the sofa since I was lay up on ice packs...sorry dear!

Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I do not sew. Well, I can sew two pieces of fabric together into a square and stuff it with polyfil to make a pillow, but that's where my abilities end. I was in Hobby Lobby last weekend and decided I wanted to try and sew Anna Kate an outfit (not a simple square.) I picked out the pattern (very simple capri pants with an A-line top) and the fabric. ***What on earth was I thinking?*** I've already had to take the pants apart twice and gave up on the stupid shoulder ties on the top (how are you supposed to turn a strip of fabric that is 1/4" wide and sewn like a tube inside out????? It's impossible I tell you!) I am about ready to chunk it all in the garbage can and succumb to my brief moment of insanity. I am not a visual learner. I can't read that pattern and make a bit of sense out of it. Now, if my mom was sitting next to me and showing me how to do it, it probably would have been done already. Who am I kidding? I have been known to start a project and whine just enough so that my beautiful mother finishes it for me while I sit back and you mom. You up for a road trip? ;-)

So although I have photographs to prove I have actually started the project, I can't guarantee I will have some of a finished product...