Sunday, June 1, 2008

Swimming, Mosquito Bites, Cake and SATC...

I bought Anna Kate a little pool for her (us) to enjoy this summer, as well as the cutest little swimsuit ever. It was an el cheapo, so I'm sure I'll have to replace it several times, but for now, it gets the job done. She helped me put it up Friday afternoon and we had it full of water and were playing in it by the time Jeff got home. We played in it after we finished dinner and again in & out Saturday. I'm pretty confident we will be investing in an in ground pool next year. Jeff has come to the realization that Anna Kate and I will stay in it as much as possible.

One of my BIGGEST complaints about the summer months (yes, it's summer here. I realize it's only June 1st, but it was literally 95* today...H.O.T. I dread August!) is the ginormous mosquitoes that bypass every other living human being within a 100 mile radius and find their way onto my or Anna Kate's legs despite the fact that we're dripping in bug repellent. We are walking itching bug bites. Anna Kate seems to have the same severe reaction/sensitivity to insect bites as me and it is miserable. We have invested in several tubes of antihistamine cream that I can see now we will go through rather quickly. *Sigh*

Saturday evening after dinner Anna Kate and I decided to make a hot fudge chocolate cake for dessert. OH-MY-IT-WAS-DELISH! We had a good time making it and as you can see....eating it!

And finally, I have been in desperate need of a 'girl's day out'. I rounded up a girlfriend (thanks Bridget, it was SO much fun!) and we headed to the Olive Garden and to see Sex and the City. I can't tell you how good it was. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I laughed again and cried again. It was two hours and fifteen minutes long and I swear, I could have sat there another two hours. Honestly, I would go see it again! Anyone up for a road trip?

And now I'm off to to download the soundtrack. Have a good week everyone!