Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Great Gift!

Anna Kate received a little package from our friends Spring, Scott and Avery earlier this week. Anna Kate was beside herself with excitement to open it...and what did she pull out? Well her very own custom personalized apron. It is the cutest thing EVER! And without further ado, I present to you Little Chef Lee...

(For any of you photography buffs, this has a vintage action applied, then a texture added at 12% opacity.)

These next photos were taken by Jeff while I was refilling our pool with 'fresh' water. Isn't she just adorable?!

I have been busy the past two weeks traveling for work. I didn't realize how tiring it is to work and travel in the same day. I can definitely sympathize with Jeff more now. I have a wedding photography shoot Friday evening and a yard sale Saturday. I am so looking forward to a vacation.

Speaking of, we head to Disney next Friday. We plan to leave early in the morning and travel down in one day. Anna Kate is so excited to meet up with her friend Avery again. I think Magic Kingdom will be our Saturday destination and Epcot Sunday. Monday is designated as our 'travel home' day, unfortunately. Although it's a very short weekend trip, I have no doubt we will have a magical time!

And before I end for the night, I'll share a few pictures of our dogs - Belle and Barkley. Jeff bought them Auburn shirts for football season, which they modeled for us.