Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rock & Roll, Christmas Elves and Good Will

That got your attention I bet :) It's been such a busy few weeks and sitting down to update my blog just keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my 'to do list'. However, I am making myself take the time to do it tonight.....complete with a few pictures.

Anna Kate had her first school mate birthday party this past Saturday. The invitation said to come in your best Rock & Roll outfit. I think I was more excited about dressing Anna Kate than she was. I put her in a denim mini skirt with pink leopard print, tight leggings and a shirt that said, "I'm A Cute Chick". I also tied her hair up in pony on the top of her head (you know, in honor of her mama's 80's upbringing.) She insisted on wearing 10 jelly bracelets (also something I did back in the day) and hot pink high heels adorned with multi-colored beads. Upon our arrival at the party she was greeted with necklaces, more bracelets, rings and tattoos. Those girls were so cute prancing around the house like a bunch of Diva's. When it was time to leave I believe a hurricane hit. It was pouring rain and of course I left my umbrella in the car. I had no choice but to throw Anna Kate on my hip and take off running. By the time we made it to the car, got in and closed the door we were literally dripping. We looked like we had just gotten out of the shower. Not to mention it was freezing cold. I took my jacket off and covered Anna Kate up with a blanket and turned the heat on. She was asleep within seconds. Bless her heart. She had 'partied' hard! None the less, she had a wonderful time with all her little friends.

Here she is right before leaving for the party (click to enlarge)

And this week, Christmas Elves have been busy getting things ready for the various activities we have in the next 7 days. Monday night we had our Sunday School social. Our class adopted a needy family (single mom with eight children) to provide Christmas for. We all purchased gifts for our assigned child and met at our Sunday School class teacher's house to wrap the gifts (we also munched on 10 Little Ceasar's pizzas and heavenly lemon and chocolate desserts.) I was amazed at the generous gifts. Four of the eight children will have brand new bikes to unwrap. When we finally finished all the wrapping and stepped back to look at our work, I was overwhelmed with how much we provided for this family. We're supposed to deliver the gifts Christmas Eve afternoon. I can't wait to see their reactions. I'm sure it will be an emotional moment.
Tomorrow Anna Kate has her class Christmas party. I was assigned cookies to bring, so I had to make, bake and decorate those after dinner. I came home at lunch today, turned the fireplace on (it's freezing here!) and finished putting the goodie bags together for the kids. Inside I put Christmas candy, lolli pops, a Christmas pencil and a Christmas bendy straw each. I didn't want to load them down with candy since they'll have plenty of junk food at the party. Then I punches holes in the top of the bag and card and tied the card to the bag. They really turned out cute. Jeff won't be able to attend the party but I'm taking off work to attend and you know I'll have my camera (*note to self-charge camera battery.*)

Here are the goodie bags (click to enlarge)

Here is the card I made and printed to attach to the bags (click to enlarge)

Well that's it for now. I don't plan to update again until after Christmas. We are headed to North Alabama this weekend to celebrate Christmas with Jeff's family. Christmas Eve will be spent with his mother & aunt when they come to visit and then my parents are making the trip down on Christmas day afternoon for a few days. I'll update after things settle down a bit. So if I don't talk to you before Tuesday, I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, fun, safe and merry Christmas!!!!!! Ho Ho Ho..........