Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little Christmas Party

Anna Kate's class Christmas party was this morning. When I arrived the children were outside playing. Mrs. Brandy (her teacher) directed me inside to help the other mothers get ready for the party. We put up the decorations (balloons), set the table with Santa plates & napkins, put juice boxes out at each place setting and then filled their plates with cookies, brownies, chips & dip, cupcakes, rice krispy treats and chocolate ice cream. The kids were bouncing off the walls when I dropped Anna Kate off this morning so you can imagine what it was like by the end of the party = tired, cranky and on a sugar high. WOW! They had big brown bags (decorated) filled with all their goodie bags, candy, and arts & crafts they had made throughout the month. Oh, and how can I forget Anna Kate's gift.......if I knew which parent purchased it, I would take it by there and let their 3 year old get in it in the middle of the living room like Anna Kate's daddy did. It is a cosmetic case FULL of various shades of eye shadow, lipstick, fingernail polish and glitter dust. Oh my heavens, I came home to a Tribal Warrior this afternoon. Jeff let her paint her fingernails purple (up to her knuckles) all by herself (OMG!). It was all over the kitchen counter.

So now, here I sit after cleaning up glitter dust, gel eye shadow and lipstick off of the coffee table, as well as scrubbing purple nail polish off the kitchen counter with polish remover and bathing my little warrior, ready to post the pictures. When I look at them now I can't help but to chuckle. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get nine 3 year olds to sit/stand in front of the Christmas tree and smile? You're about to see...... (as usual, click the image to enlarge it)

This one makes me laugh. I'm not sure what Anna Kate is doing, but it appears as though she's trying to escape while Jacob (the little red headed boy) sprawls out in the front.

Try #2 and still no one wants to cooperate

Munching on Christmas goodies


Avery + Mommy & Daddy December 20, 2007 at 11:12 AM  

It looks like such a fun time. I loved the pictures. I can't believe how long AK's has has gotten. It's beautiful.
I hope you are able to slow down and take a few deep breaths now - ummmm - yeah right! :)