Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lazy Days

Today has been one of those lazy days. We really haven't been productive at all. I did manage to sweep the kitchen and vacuum, change bed sheets and take a shower, but that's about it. Oh, and we cooked breakfast this morning - waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage. The rest of the day has been full of college football (Auburn lost :-( but Bama got beat :-) so I guess it's a 'wash'.)

Anna Kate still has a cold. I finally broke down and gave her some Benadryl around lunchtime because she was so miserable. That resulted in a longer-than-usual nap, which would explain her still being up now (9:09 pm) but I can tell she's winding down. I hope she'll sleep in her bed tonight, but I'm not hopeful. I have even mentioned that Santa really wants her to be sleeping in her bed when he comes next month..........she's not buying it. *Sigh*

Tomorrow will be our grocery shopping day and getting things ready for the week to come. Anna Kate is out of school Monday for Veteran's Day, so Jeff will take a vacation day to stay home with her. I, unfortunately, will be at work.

I'm hoping we can get outside a little tomorrow. I want to gather some more pine cones - I plan to spray paint and/or glitter them in various colors to coordinate with our Christmas decorations. I want to do pine garland w/ the pine cones on the mantel and then over the doorway in the foyer. The Christmas tree will be in the corner of the entry way of the foyer and den. I really love my Christmas tree. It's done in purple, green and turquoise - peacock colors. I actually incorporate peacock feathers in the tree topper. The lights are white though. It is really pretty. I'll be sure to post pictures once I get it up.....which won't be too much longer. Oh, I wanted to do a pink tree in Anna Kate's room, but all the stores are sold out. I'm contemplating a white tree with pink, sage green and yellow ornaments with silver accents. I think I'll make a trip to Wal-Mart tomorrow afternoon.

Well, it's time for Anna Kate's bath and bed. She's obviously tired (cranky).