Monday, November 5, 2007

Back To School

First, our family is officially joining the world of blogging. I have a photography blog, but I felt like we needed one to keep friends and family up to speed on the happenings in the Lee Household - so I'll start with this post.

Anna Kate has finally returned to school after a week-long illness. And can I say.......*HALLELUJAH*!!! Bless her heart, she was so ready to go back, but I think I was even more ready. Her teacher and little friends were so excited to see her this morning. That just melted my heart! Entertaining a 3 1/2 year old inside of the house for 7 days is very, very difficult. We simply ran out of fun and creative things to do. She was bored with mommy, to say the least. We colored, cut out & hung Halloween decorations all over the house. We read, truly, at least 30 books (some numerous times), we played games, dolls and house. We even sat down with the laptop and got her Santa Wishlist in order. (Now that, she never got bored with :-) ) We also emptied the playroom and rearranged the big toy furniture, put one of the bookshelfs in the closet and then brought back in the toys and organized them. That was one big project. It took us all afternoon. Of course, I probably could have had it done quicker if it hadn't been for Anna Kate dragging out the toys faster than I could get them organized. I even printed stickers to put on each of the storage unit drawers so she knows where things go. Any yes, I do realize that I will primarily be the one picking all of these things up and putting them back in the appropriate drawers/places, but we're working on that.

Now for a question, does anyone know how to convince my 3 year old daughter that there are no monsters in her bedroom and it is safe and okay to sleep in her own bed at night? I gotta tell ya, I'm ready to sleep on more than 6" of bed each and every single night. Anyone?????

And finally, it's Auburn/Georgia week. The game is away, so we'll watching it on TV. I'm nervous already. So in honor of team spirit and good 'ole rivalry......


**Edited to add some pics of a few of our projects from the weekend. I personalized Anna Kate's toy box in her playroom and then added some white toole around her bed hoping to convince her it was a princess bed.**