Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 going on 16!

If you guessed this post is about Anna Kate, then you would be 100% correct! I've always heard parents say their young daughters like to think they are teenagers, but man is it ever so true right now!

This summer we have been so blessed to have a lovely young lady (a senior in high school) named Morgan, come to our home and keep Anna Kate while Jeff and I work. Anna Kate adores her and vice verse. They have been doing all kinds of fun things together like, baking brownies & muffins, going to the library, swim lessons, shopping, VBS, hanging out with friends - the list goes on and on. The arrangement really couldn't work any better. The one and only drawback is that our sweet little 6 year old child now thinks and acts like she is 16...right down to the eye-rolling, huffing and saying things like, "whatever" and "pa-leeze!". I guess because she spends five days a week 'hanging' with teenage girls she thinks she IS one. I don't know that I can handle twelve more years of teenage attitude. LOL!

Anna Kate & Morgan, both beautiful girls!

Anna Kate & Lauren (one of Morgan's friends)

Today, Anna Kate, Morgan and Morgan's mom are in Dothan shopping. Morgan text this picture to me with the following caption (referring to the shoes): "Morgan, these look zippy!"

A short time later I received the following text from Morgan's mom:
"Hey Katie! This is ****, Morgan's mom. I think we're just going to keep Anna Kate. Lol! She is precious! :) "

Jeff's reply to that statement was simply, "Little fart knows how to work em...."