Friday, April 16, 2010

Back from The World

Well, we are back from Disney World. We all have mixed feelings about it; we're both sad to leave and glad to be home in our own beds. We had a GREAT time!!!

Here is a brief breakdown of our vacation...

Drove to Lake City, Georgia and spent the night to break the trip.

AM - Got up and drove to Orlando, but not without getting stuck in traffic which put us behind two hours.

PM - Hurriedly got set up and changed for our dinner show, the Hoop Dee Doo Revue. It was FABULOUS!

AM - Jeff got up early and went (probably skipped) to his guided fishing trip on Lake Tohoe, while AK & I got ready and met our friends Spring and Avery at Magic Kingdom. We got there just in time to see the opening show at the gate. AK & Avery had appointments at the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique for a Princess makeover after lunch.

PM - After the makeovers we made our way to 'Epacot', as AK called it, to meet Jeff at the Rose & Crown restaurant in England. YUMMY! Then we waited a full 50 minutes in line for Soarin...totally worth the wait. And then we were all ready for bed.

AM - We went back to Magic Kingdom so AK could ride the Tea Cups with Jeff since Spring & I wouldn't allow the girls to spin the cup when we road it the day before. They spun so fast they both nearly got sick. Several rides later we decided it was time for a break and went back to the resort. AK was dying to go to the pool/water park. On the walk back AK was drinking a blue Gatorade and not watching where she was walking. I was ahead of her, so I didn't see it happen, but I heard it. She walked right into a concrete post face first. She hit it so hard it knocked her down and the drink went flying. The result....her first black eye. It was a traumatic afternoon.

PM - We had dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort with Prince Charming, Cinderella, the Evil Stepsister and the Evil Stepmother. It was so much fun. The stepsisters and stepmother were hilarious! However, I think AK worried herself sick over making sure she was adequately prepared with her autograph book and green sharpie every time one of the characters looked her direction. Following dinner we went back to Epcot to discover they were closing 20 mins later.

AM - Breakfast with Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Minnie & Goofy at Tuskers at Animal Kingdom. The food was DELISH and the character interactions was great.....AK worried herself sick once again. Then we enjoyed the Bug's Life 3D attraction. It was so fun. I don't know what Jeff enjoyed more, the show or me jumping & squealing because I thought I had bugs crawling all over me. AK was in B.A.D need of a nap, so we went left and took a 3 hour nap.

PM - After naps we went back to the pool/water park at our resort. They had the best water slide that we all three enjoyed :c) When we were all water logged we tried going to Hollywood Studios, but discovered they were closed (*Note to self: Check the park hours BEFORE leaving the resort*), so went to Epcot instead. We decided to ride Test Track. The wait time was 30 minutes, but we ended up having to wait through technical difficulties a couple of times and finally got on 10 minutes before the park closed. SO.WORTH.THE.WAIT!!!!! Best ride by a mile!

Headed home :c(

Below is a slide show of Days 1 and 2 of our trip, as well as the video from the dinner show. Get your hankie out, because I promise, you WILL cry!!!! More to come so stay tuned :c)

Oh, and just a little disclaimer to say that instead of lugging my big professional camera around, I decided to just take the point & shoot and have a good time without stressing over getting technically correct photographs. Just sayin :)

Jeff was snatched from the audience to play a part in the final skit of the night. Prepare yourself! Oh, and excuse my constant giggle....

Are you crying yet??????!!!!!!!!