Friday, October 9, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conference

We had a Parent/Teacher Conference with Anna Kate's teacher this past Wednesday afternoon. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I don't know why...I guess I just wanted to get a great report on my child like any mom would. My wish was definitely granted though :c) Anna Kate is doing VERY well in class. Her report card had all 'S'es on it...yes, even in conduct, ha! Mrs. Orr also relayed that Anna Kate is reading on grade level, which is GREAT! She mentioned that in August, when they had their DIBELS testing (state testing), she scored a 45. The August goal for an incoming Kindergartner is 20 and end-of-the-year goal is she is already ahead of where she should be by the end of this school year!!!! We also found out that AK apparently has an interest in math and is one of the only students in the class who has picked up on some of the concepts being taught. I know, I know...math? I think you all know where she gets that.....NOT ME!

After all the academic things were discussed we moved on to social skills. Sadly, that was my biggest fear. I think Jeff and I both sat there mentally biting our nails and waiting for the other shoe to drop! It didn't though :c) Mrs. Orr expressed what a joy it is to have AK in her class. She said AK plays well with everyone and makes friends easily. To quote Mrs. Orr, "Anna Kate is a great friend! Now, she's real quick to let you know when she doesn't like something, but she isn't disrespectful about it. Anna Kate may be tiny, but she definitely knows how to stand up for herself." That's our girl!!!! So overall, we got an excellent report and we couldn't be more proud of our sweet little 'Boodles' :c) Keep up the good work sweetheart!

Did I forget to mention that she gets to make a trip to Walmart after school today for a 'good-report-card-prize'? My guess is that she chooses item #1,247 for her never-ending Barbie collection. *Sigh*....