Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Times

Friday, Anna Kate & I went to see Disney on Ice with her preschool. We rode with some friends, and I can't tell you how excited the girls were.

Here they are in the parking lot, just giddy with excitement!
This show ten-dollared me to death! $10 for a box of popcorn, $10 for an icee in a Tinkerbell cup and $15 for a program and Tinkerbell pen that Anna Kate broke in the first five minutes of sitting in our seats. Nonetheless, it was a REALLY good show.

**Why she can put her precious smile on for everyone else and then wear this plastic 'if-I-must' expression with me.....well I just don't understand.**
Here is AK and her best friend, Anslee before the show.

I took a ton of photos during the show, but most were blurry and/or dark. The lightening just wasn't conducive for photography without a flash. Here are the few I managed to save.

Yesterday Jeff and Anna Kate went Crappie fishing (I hope I spelled that correctly) while I cleaned the house. Look how they made out :c)

She came home SO proud of herself for touching the fish!!! Then she rubbed her hands all over my face because she knows how I hate the smell of fish and lake water....