Friday, October 3, 2008


Imagine my surprise today when I opened Anna Kate's school folder and found her first ever report card. Well it was more like a progress report, but still - HUGE milestone in our lives!

First Page

Student: Anna Kate Lee

"This is a copy of your short vowel assessment. Flashcards were shown in random order to each child individually and he/she had to identify the letter and give the letter sound. There is a check beside the ones identified correctly. If you have any questions, please let me know."

All letters have check marks by them :-)

Second Page

Student: Anna Kate Lee

"This is a copy of your child's number assessment...(same as above)."

All numbers have check marks by them :-)

Third Page

Student: Anna Kate Lee

S - Satisfactory
I - Improving
N - Needs Improvement

Play Time:
- Plays with others well: S
- Cleans up when asked: S
- Shares toys with others: S

Group Time:
- Sits as asked during Circle time: S
- Is quiet when needs to be: S
- Can recognize name: S
- Knows the Pledge: S

Seat Work:
- Follows directions: S
- Completes worksheets/other work: S
- Takes time with work ( is not hurried to finish): S
- Can hold pencil/crayon/marker correctly: S
- Can use scissors correctly: S

As you can see, our baby is progressing really, really well and we are so very proud of her :-)

Have a good weekend everyone!