Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Weekend!

This weekend was fairly laid back and easy going. I was off on Friday to attend Anna Kate's pumpkin patch field trip, which we were all excited about. Only problem is it was cancelled due to bad weather :c( Since I had already scheduled leave at work, I just decided to stay home with AK. It was a VERY low key day. Neither of us got out of our pj's and we napped/rested until after lunch. It was wonderful and something we both needed.

Saturday was 'play with me day' - basically I spend the entire day in her bedroom playing Barbie, dolls, grocery store, school and tickle monster. While we were in there the dogs decided to join in the fun. It's turning cool here, so both Bell and Barkley were shivering. Anna Kate thought Bell would enjoy being wrapped up in a blanket and then maybe she could fall asleep in the doll cradle. She was right!

And speaking of cold dogs. This is what I was greeted with when I walked into the kitchen one morning (their crate is in there).

After play time, Anna Kate and I headed to the nail shop and had our nails done. You know, royal treatment for the royal princess!

As I close this post, I will you with a special performance from tonight. But first....

(For some reason the video won't embed on blogger, so to view just click the link)