Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Not really, but we are leaving in Jeff's company car headed to Amelia Island in the morning and be back Sunday. He has a company meeting/gathering there and we (Jeff, Anna Kate and myself) are being put up in a condo on the beach! Yahoo, a free 5-day vacation! Even the meals are paid for and we get 100 'plantation dollars' each to apply to any purchases or services while on property. Jeff has a few meetings Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday morning and is going deep sea fishing one day. The rest of the time will be down time. I have several activities planned for Anna Kate and I while daddy is in meetings. Anna Kate and I will have a few mother/daughter bonding days (I'm a little afraid of that *YIKES*.)! There seems to be a lot of great things to do on Amelia Island Plantation, including a trip or two down to the beach. However, I'm concerned Anna Kate is expecting our 'normal August beach activities'. I really think she is planning on swimming and making sand castles. I have explained that she can indeed make sand castles and play on the beach, but it won't be in a bathing suit and she won't be getting in the water because the surf is 55 degrees this time of year. I hope she won't be too disappointed. If you want to know the truth, it would suit me just fine to stay up in the condo and veg out, but I'm quite sure my almost-4-year-old will have none of that! She's full speed ahead 24/7.....

The most exciting part for me will be on Saturday. The three of us are driving to Gainesville (2 hours) to visit our friends Spring, Scott & Avery It will be the first time we have seen them since our Disney World trip last March and the first time we've seen their new house. I am looking so forward to getting the girls together to play, as well as just sitting down with Scott and Spring for adult conversation and laughter. Guys, we are so excited to see you!

In other news, aka - Anna Kate, her new saying(s) is 'Oo-la-la' (when she sees something pretty or that she likes) and 'Boom-Chicka-Wow-Wow' (think stripper music here) and she even has a little hip motion to go along with it. It's quite entertaining (and something I'd prefer her NOT do in public.) She's doing well in school and is very anxiously awaiting her birthday and birthday party. She asks me every morning on the way to school when her 'birtday' is.

And I have to share this one little story - last night she was in meltdown mode and getting close to bedtime. She requested more juice and since it was so close to bedtime we denied her request. Oh my! She threw her head down in her arms, onto the stool and screamed/cried in her best 'I'm-dying-and-no one-cares' drama.....'I'm NEVER getting juice, EVER AGAIN!' and stomped off to her playroom and slammed the door. *SIGH* What on earth will she be like when she's 13? I dare not think about it.

Next time you hear from me (us) will be from the balcony overlooking the beach! *don't hate me too much*

Oh, and don't forget the lunar eclipse tomorrow night, for any other photog buffs.