Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Birds

I believe we could easily become a family of snow birds. The beach in mid-February is wonderful (well, aside from the rain for the past 4 hours)! The condo is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!! We are on the second floor on the beach. It's gorgeous! We found out last night that John Travolta purchased an entire floor in the next unit over from us. One condo is 1.8 million and he bought the entire floor and turned it into ONE large condo. That makes me LOL! Harrison Ford also purchased a condo two units down. Don't worry, I've got my camera ready for any star sightings :)

Anna Kate and I have had a good time. We ventured out yesterday to the grocery store. Thank goodness Mr. Garmin actually knew where he was going this time. We did get a bit turned around from all the 'round-a-bouts' on the plantation, but we finally made it back to the comfort of our mult-million dollar condo.

This morning we went down to the beach for a little while. Have I mentioned how much my child adores the beach? And just I expected, she was very disappointed that she couldn't get in the ocean. After we came in and got ready, we headed out to lunch and some shopping. Anna Kate was such a trooper and behaved beautifully, until about the last 30 minutes. She was so, so, so tired. I had the lady in one of the shops call us a tram, that picked us up about 10 minutes later. I just knew she would either fall asleep on the trip back or pass out when we got to the condo. Nope. She held on until about 6:30 and is asleep by me on the sofa right now (2 hours later). Bless her heart.

Tomorrow is Jeff's free day and we're planning to rent a golf cart to scoot around the entire plantation. I hope the weather cooperates so I can attempt to shoot Anna Kate's Easter portrait on the beach. I think the rain is supposed to clear out after lunch.......*crossing my fingers it does*!

Well, I'm beat and I really need to 'transfer' Anna Kate to the bed. Be sure to take a look at the slide show below from today. It's short and sweet. Have a good night and check back tomorrow.