Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

Happy Saturday everyone! We have actually had a good week despite the news I last posted about. It's been so great to stay home and clean, organize, and get caught up on the endless laundry I've had piling up. It's the first time in 12 years that I've been able to do that (3 with an extra little person to clean up after.) I know Jeff has thoroughly enjoyed coming home to a clean house and home cooked meal without me being stressed out. It has made such a difference in the 'atmosphere' in the house.

Anna Kate had a good week at school. She is learning to write her name and currently learning the letter 'N' and number '4'. On Wednesday I picked her up at dismissal time at 11:30 (she usually stays for extended day until 5:00.) She was SO excited. She thought she was hot stuff that day :-) Jeff gets off at 12:30 on Wednesdays, so he came by the house and picked us up headed to Montgomery. We enjoyed some play time with E and Aunt D, fed the ducks and fish and then ate pizza, while Jeff went to Bass Pro Shops to spend his gift cards from Christmas. It was a fun day! Thursday was back to the regular schedule and Friday I picked her up at dismissal time again and surprised her with meeting daddy for lunch at her favorite restaurant.......Wendy's (she loves their chicken nuggets).

Today has been v.e.r.y. laid back. We've all had a nap and, well, that's about it. I did convince Anna Kate to go out for a Valentine's Day photo shoot this afternoon and pretty happy with what I ended up with. But the BIG news of the day*********Anna Kate slept in her bed all night last night! WooHoo!!!!!!!!! I made a calendar and bought special stickers. How it works is that she gets one sticker for each night sleeps in her bed. Since last night was the first night she was rewarded with a 'prize' today. Now she has to get three more stickers in order to get another prize. Then it moves up to a full week (7 days) for a prize. If by the end of the month she has slept in her bed every single night she gets a Disney Princesses sheet set for her bed. So, tonight is night two and she is excited about sleeping in her bed again. Hopefully tomorrow morning we'll be adding another My Little Pony sticker to her calendar.

And you know I can't end a post without pictures, so here are the ones I took today. I have my favorite, which is yours?






Susan & Randy January 12, 2008 at 9:30 PM  

It sounds like you had a really good week. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your extra time with AK!