Thursday, January 17, 2008

Putty Round II

Good morning my Sunshine's :-) As promised, I have the silly putty report from yesterday. IT WORKED!!! Of course, it helps when you use the right glue. At first it was really sticky (like bubble gum), so I put it back in the bowl and added a tad more liquid starch, then dabbed the excess liquid with a paper towel and we had perfect green silly putty. Anna Kate had SO MUCH fun playing with it. We plan to make another color this afternoon after school. I like this stuff so much better than Play-Doh and a lot less messy. It wipes right up with a dish rag, doesn't crumble onto the floor and won't stain clothes. Thank you Spring, for the recipe and I hope you don't mind me sharing the recipe here.

Serious Silly Putty

You'll Need:
- 1 cup of white Elmer's glue
- 1 cup of liquid starch (found at WalMart in the laundry aisle)
- Food color if desired

- Put glue in old container and add food coloring.
- Pour in liquid starch a little at a time (*very little at a time*)
- Keep stirring until the mixture holds together in a putty (it will be stringy)
- Feel with your fingers. If it's too sticky, add more starch and then dab excess liquid with paper towel.
- Have fun pulling, stretching, rolling and breaking!
- Store in airtight container (such as Zip lock baggy)

Additional Notes:
Don't be disappointed if it seems stringy when you think you're finished. Just plop it on the counter top and will begin to take on a blob shape and lose its stringiness. You can use cookie cutters and kid friendly scissors to cut and make shapes. Enjoy!

And as to not disappoint my readers....................