Saturday, July 25, 2009

Girl's Lounge

Anna Kate currently has a playroom that she loves being in. However, she does not enjoy being in there alone...I guess that's the breaks of being an only child. Anyway, I recently moved a recliner in there and a little side table and cleaned out the toys that she no longer plays with. We refer to our room as 'the girl's lounge' :c) Since she & I spend so much time in the room, I've decided it needs to be updated - style wise. Anna Kate has her girly, shabby chic bedroom done in pastel green, pink & lavender and we both agree that we want our lounge to be 'funky'. I have been planning this room since last Christmas and it has taken me that long to come up with the look we want. Of course, this all has met Anna Kate's approval, so I feel like it's safe to post what we have come up with. Take a look and tell me what you think.

**click to enlarge**

I already have a white desk in the room, as well as a white Pottery Barn doll house book shelf unit (my parents duplicated the original), a white side table and the recliner. Okay, this is all planned out, so tell me how to convince Santa to bring it all for us........ *cough-cough Santa*