Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

It is Spring Break here and it's been wonderful so far. Sunday and Monday it literally rained non-stop, so we were couped up in the house, but we watched movies (I highly recommend Madagascar 2 if you haven't seen it) and just enjoyed each other's company. Tuesday the sun finally broke through and the rain dried up. Jeff and Anna Kate pretty much spent the day outside pressure washing the house while I cleaned inside.....another all day job! Sound like fun? Wait, it gets better....

We have decided to re-do our screened in back porch. It had that indoor/outdoor carpet down that when it rained would flood and then stink to high heaven. (We have had a total of four of Anna Kate's birthday parties ruined from this very thing.) Well, that carpet is GONE and I say good riddance!!! Yesterday we ripped it out, then pressure washed the ceiling, walls and concrete floor and this afternoon we are going to stain the floor. I am so excited to do this! I've always wanted one of those cool concrete floors you see in restaurants, and now I get to have one :c) More on this later.

After we finished cleaning the porch, we all took showers and got ready for Anna Kate's first Auburn basketball game. She was so excited! It was the first round of the NIT, which we came out of with a 'W'...War Eagle! The game was so fast paced compared to football (which AK completely understands for the most part), so I don't think she could really follow what was happening, but it didn't take long for her to pick up on when AU did something good. She cheered and danced just like any loyal Tiger fan should. She even had the opportunity to have her picture made with the Auburn University Tiger Paw Dancers. As we were waiting to go down to the floor she said, 'Mama, I'm nervous' - how cute is that?!

Oh, and Jeff & I have officially entered the phase of parenthood where we are embarrassing to our daughter. Here's the story...

*Anna Kate is sitting in mama's lap who is setting beside daddy, while watching the Auburn basketball game.

*AU scores 3 points

* Mama & Daddy clap and holler loud (along with the other AU fans)

* Anna Kate buries her face in mama's chest (I thought we had scared her due to the noise)

ME: "Anna Kate baby, what's wrong?"

AK: "Mama, when you and daddy clap loud like that you embarrass me!"

*insert rolling eyes here* I guess this is only the beginning. Great.

Anyway, back to the back porch re-do ... Here are pictures of the porch as a clean slate.

You will have to stay tuned for pictures of the 'After' :c)

But before I close I just wanted to share a cute 'funny' from Jeff & Anna Kate's day together today (I had to come into work). This is the conversation I had with them on the way to lunch.

ME talking to AK: "Hey sweetie, what are you doing?"

AK: "Mama, I came outside with no shoes and my shorts unbuttoned and unzipped."

ME: "Why are you outside without shoes and your shorts undone?"

AK: "Mama, I just wanted to see what would happen." (duh!)

ME: "Can I talk to Daddy please?"

Jeff: "Anna Kate, put your clothes back on and get in the house."

ME: "Um, why is the child outside with no clothes on?"

Jeff: "She says she has to poop."


Jeff: "Barkley (the dog) get in the house right now! Go now. Get! No, no Barkley. Anna Kate, do NOT let him back out of the house. I said NO!!!"

Jeff says to me: "They don't make enough Zoloft for this...."

*ROFLOL* Welcome to my world honey :c)